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We offer 3, 4, 5, and 6 stage reverse osmosis systems for the home. If you require a higher volume of reverse osmosis filtered water please see our wall mount stainless steel ro systems listed below.

Compared with other conventional water treatment processes, Reverse Osmosis has proven to be the most efficient means of removing salts and TDS from your water.

The EasyPur™ Water Machine
5-Stage 75gpd Reverse Osmosis Filtration System

The EasyPur features easy twist-off filter cartridges, encapsulated RO membrane and post filter, all designed to make installation and replacement quick, easy and sanitary. The EasyPur has 5-stages of filtration to ensure premium water quality yet easily fits in the space of a 4-stage system. The high capacity, 75 GPD TFC, membrane produces plenty of water quickly and the 3/8” tubing gives faster flow to faucet. The EasyPur system comes complete ready to install with connection hardware, tubing,
faucet and instruction manual. Monitor Filter Life - we now include the CleanTap
filter monitor which measures the amount of water passing through the filters. A battery operated light indicator, green, yellow, and red is installed on the clean water faucet. A sensor module is connected to the tubing under the sink and measures the flow to the faucet. When the filter is good, the green light flashes when the faucet is on. When the filter has been used 80%, the yellow light flashes, and at 100%, it goes red.

The reverse osmosis unit measures approx.14"L x 7"W x 15"H; 4.0 gallon storage tank is 15-1/2" high and 11" in diameter; total system weighs approx. 25 lbs.

Features Easy Installation!

  • Twist-Off Filter Cartridges - Sanitary, Quick And Easy Replacements
  • Quick Connect O-ring Seal Fittings - Fast To Install And Service - Reliable Connectors
  • Hi capacity TFC membrane, 75gpd - Encapsulated For Easy, Sanitary Replacement
  • 3/8" Tubing To Faucet For Faster Flow
  • NEW Compact 5-Stage Design - Extra Stage Of Activated carbon to Handle Odor and Bad Tastes
Stage One: Sediment Pre-filter, 5 micron Polyspun encapsulated twist-off cartridge (FDA Approved)
Stage Two: 10 micron Carbon Block encapsulated twist-off cartridge, (NSF Approved)
Stage three: 10 micron Carbon block encapsulated twist-off cartridge (NSF Approved)
Stage Four: Reverse Osmosis Membrane, TFC, encapsulated 75 GPD @ 60psi pressure differential (NSF Approved)
Stage Five: In-line Post filter, Granular Activated Carbon, 10” (NSF Approved)
Tank: 4.0 gallon plastic tank, Pre-pressurized with Butyl bladder (NSF Approved)

System features:
Auto Shut-off valve (conserves water) (FDA Approved)
Flow Restrictor – modified capillary
Long Reach, Non-airgap Faucet (NSF Approved)
Feed water connector – Threaded Inlet Adapter with Metal Ballvalve
Drain Clamp
¼ & 3/8” Inch Flexible Polyethylene Tubing w/Quick Connect Push-in
O-ring seal fittings (FDA/NSF Approved)
Feed Water Pressure: 40 PSI min/100 PSI max
Feed Water Temperature: 40ºF-100ºF
Feed Water pH: 3 min to 10 max
Total Dissolved Solids: 1500 ppm normal max
Iron max: .3ppm
Manganese max: 0.05ppm
Well water customers with high iron and manganese please see our compatible whole house well water filters on our online Well Water Catalog.
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EasyPur Water Machine 5-Stage 75gpd Reverse Osmosis Price:
$475.00ea Free Shipping Within The Continental U.S.
Save $125.00 - EasyPur Water Machine 5-Stage 75gpd Reverse Osmosis
Limited Time Special Sale Price: $350.00 Free Shipping Within The Continental U.S.
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Order online using our secured shopping cart and receive a Free EZ-575 Replacement Filter Kit
( $68.00 Value) With Purchase
EasyPur Water Machine 5-Stage 75gpd Reverse Osmosis Replacement Packages
EasyPur Water Machine EZ-575 Replacement Filter Kit
$68.00 Free Shipping
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Package includes 1-Twist-On Sediment Filter, 2- Twist-On Carbon GAC Filters, and 1- Inline GAC Post Filter, Filters should be changed every 12 months or when needed.
EasyPur Water Machine EZ-575 Replacement Membrane
$75.00 Free Shipping
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Package contains 1-TFC 75 gallon per day Membrane. Membrane should be changed every 3-4 years


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