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Whole house sulfate removal and hard water softener
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The Sulfate Eater

Sulfate which is a combination of sulfur and oxygen (SO4) exists as a dissolved salt in the water. As such it is colorless and odorless. It is not to be confused with the gas in the water that causes a rotten egg odor. This is a combination of Hydrogen and sulfur (H2S). Removal technology is totally different for the two forms of sulfur. For Hydrogen Sulfide Gas please go here: Iron Max
Sulfates: The US Secondary Drinking Water Regulations for sulfates at 250 ppm (mg/l). At this level or above, sulfates can cause diarrhea and resulting de-hydration. This condition is most severe in infants, the elderly, and people with other illnesses. Also, high sulfates cause fluid and resulting weight loss in all animals. Sulfates can be reduced by approximately 80% with under counter household R.O. units. About 95% is removed by high pressure commercial R.O. units. We offer special softeners utilizing resins that are selective to sulfates. With these units, the sulfates are exchanged for chlorides. Sulfate content up to 1,500 ppm (mg/l) can easily be handled in this manner. Above this level please contact the factory.
In this ion exchange process, water containing sulfates is passed through a modified water softener. This special softener contains a resin that is manufactured solely for the purpose of removing sulfates in the water. As they are removed they are replaced (exchanged) with harmless chloride. The source of chloride is from the salt used to regenerate the unit can be traditional softener salt - sodium CHLORIDE. Rather than waste either the sodium we place the special sulfate resin on top of regular softening resin and along with removing the sulfates we also soften the water with the same amount of salt being used. We get a free bonus of softening.

Of particular importance is the proper selection of the sulfate removal resin. It is specially formulated to cling tightly to the sulfates until regeneration is required and not let them release into the water in excess amounts --- a process called "dumping". As long as the equipment is functioning, safety is virtually guaranteed. A meter control on the unit is very important to insure that regeneration is done even when unexpected excess water use occurs.
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Note: We highly recommend our Twin Sulfate Eater for sulfates levels over 1000ppm. Our Twin Sulfate Eater (listed below) can save you on salt savings on water with sulfate levels of 1000ppm or greater vs. our single tank Sulfate Eater-12. That can amount up to a 1000 pounds of salt saved per year !
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Whole house iron and manganese filter for well water
Iron filters are easily installed at the mainline of your home. Installing this well water filter will prevent staining, odors, sediment and cloudy water!

Well water softener and iron filter for whole house uses
Our well water softeners are exclusively built to soften very hard water, remove high iron, rust, and can be customized to filter sediment!

Whole house nitrate removal and hard water softener
Find 2 types of nitrate filters here: Our best selling water softener & nitrate filter combo and our nitrate only whole house filtration system.

Whole house sediment turbidity and cloudy water filtration
Sediment filters are used to protect household appliances, irrigation, and plumbing lines. If you have cloudy water these filters are a must have!

High sulfate removal for whole house well water users.
Find 2 types of sulfate filters here: Our best selling water softener & sulfate filter combo and our sulfate only whole house filtration system.

Iron bacteria filters for whole house well water treatment.
Do you need to remove iron bacteria from your well water? Install these systems to provide whole house water treatment & filtration!

Well water tannin yellow water and hard water removal.
Find 2 types of tannin filters here: Our best selling water softener & tannin filter combo and our tannin only whole house filtration system.

Low pH filters for acidic well water correction and pH neutralizer.
Install a whole house calcite corosex water treatment system to neutralize low pH acidic well water.

Whole house reverse osmosis systems for brackish well water treatment.
A whole house reverse osmosis system is preferred when purified water is desired at every tap or when high salt levels or other impurities need to be removed!

UV disinfection systems for whole house well water users.
A UV disinfection system is installed on the feed water line to treat all incoming water from bacteria and viruses such as e-coli and coliform bacteria.

have your well water tested free for iron, manganese, low pH, total dissolved solids, nitrates, tannins, hard water, iron bacteria, and more.
Don't guess which well water filter may work for you. Have your water tested first and then purchase a water filter that works specifically for your water well!
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