Iron Water Whole House Filter

The Iron Max-125 High Flow Series: These Maintenance-Free iron filters are completely chemical and salt free i.e. no salt or chemicals are added or needed for regeneration. In other words they do not require salt pellets or chemicals for backwashing. Designed to filter high levels of Ferrous (clear water iron), Ferric (red/orange as drawn), Manganese (black staining), Hydrogen Sulfide Gas (rotten egg odor), and Suspended Solids (solid particles suspended in water) Our Iron Max Series use NSF Approved Certified 61 filtration media.

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The Iron Max High Flow Well Water Filter
Whole House Filter, Irrigation and Commercial Applications
The Iron Max well water iron filter: Iron, hydrogen sulfide gas and manganese are Filtered with our Whole house Iron Water Filter. No chemicals to add. No routine maintenance. Improves the taste of your water and protects your fixtures. These well water iron filters are designed to accommodate high flow rates and 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" PVC or Copper plumbing to your home or business.
The Iron Max iron, manganese, and odor filter does not use salts or discharge salts when backwashing. Perfect for those on septic systems.
Well Water can contain the following elements: Clear Water Iron (Ferrous Type): Water that is clear when drawn but later turns reddish-brown when exposed to air. Causes reddish-brown stains on fixtures, dishes and laundry. Water turns brown-red in cooking or upon heating. Clothing becomes discolored when laundered. Usually darkens coffee, tea, and other beverages. Ferrous iron above 0.3 ppm causes staining, Precipitated Iron (Ferric Type): Water that is not clear when first drawn. Water containing small iron particles when immediately drawn. Causes reddish colored water with red particles settling to the bottom of a glass. Sometimes caused by iron pickup from old pipes where pH level is below 6.6. Manganese: Water that interacts with carbon dioxide or organic matter with manganese bearing soils. Usually found in combination with iron. Causes blackish staining of fixtures and laundry. Manganese content above 0.05 causes staining. Hydrogen Sulfide (Gas type): Dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas dissolved in raw water. Often present in iron bearing waters and low pH waters. Causes "Rotten Egg Odor" and/or tarnished silverware. Yellow/Black stains on fixtures. Discolors coffee, tea, and other beverages. Distorts appearance and taste of cooked foods. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas is evident when either the hot and/or cold water is drawn at all times of the day.

"No Waste" If you live in a drought area or concerned by the amount of water used for backwashing ask us how you can reuse the Iron Max discharge water.

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Whole house iron and manganese filter for well water
Iron filters are easily installed at the mainline of your home. Installing this well water filter will prevent staining, odors, sediment and cloudy water!

Well water softener and iron filter for whole house uses
Our well water softeners are exclusively built to soften very hard water, remove high iron, rust, and can be customized to filter sediment!

Whole house nitrate removal and hard water softener
Find 2 types of nitrate filters here: Our best selling water softener & nitrate filter combo and our nitrate only whole house filtration system.

Whole house sediment turbidity and cloudy water filtration
Sediment filters are used to protect household appliances, irrigation, and plumbing lines. If you have cloudy water these filters are a must have!

High sulfate removal for whole house well water users.
Find 2 types of sulfate filters here: Our best selling water softener & sulfate filter combo and our sulfate only whole house filtration system.

Iron bacteria filters for whole house well water treatment.
Do you need to remove iron bacteria from your well water? Install these systems to provide whole house water treatment & filtration!

Well water tannin yellow water and hard water removal.
Find 2 types of tannin filters here: Our best selling water softener & tannin filter combo and our tannin only whole house filtration system.

Low pH filters for acidic well water correction and pH neutralizer.
Install a whole house calcite corosex water treatment system to neutralize low pH acidic well water.

Whole house reverse osmosis systems for brackish well water treatment.
A whole house reverse osmosis system is preferred when purified water is desired at every tap or when high salt levels or other impurities need to be removed!

UV disinfection systems for whole house well water users.
A UV disinfection system is installed on the feed water line to treat all incoming water from bacteria and viruses such as e-coli and coliform bacteria.

have your well water tested free for iron, manganese, low pH, total dissolved solids, nitrates, tannins, hard water, iron bacteria, and more.
Don't guess which well water filter may work for you. Have your water tested first and then purchase a water filter that works specifically for your water well!

The Iron Max line of whole house water filters:

  • Iron Max - Whole house iron removal Chemical free iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide "rotten egg odor" removal.
  • Twin Iron Max - No maintenance, no chemicals to add, twin alternating continuous iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide gas well filter system.
  • Iron Max-125 - High Flow Residential / Light Commercial No maintenance chemical and salt free iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide "rotten egg odor" removal.
  • Iron Max-FX Series - Offers the same iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide gas well water treatment as our Standard Iron Max with added built-in no salt chemical free hard water conditioning module.
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